Red Bull vs Monster: Caffeine, Sugar, Calories, and More

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It is well-known that Monster and Red Bull are two of the most popular energy drinks, with their formulas rich in vitamins, amino acids, and a large amount of caffeine. While these ingredients can give a person an energy boost, what are the potential health benefits and risks associated with drinking these beverages? To determine which drink has better quality and is less detrimental to health, we will look more closely at the contents of both Monster and Red Bull.

Monster vs Red Bull Caffeine Comparison

The Monster energy drink has 160 mg of caffeine per 16-ounce can, while Red Bull has 80 mg of caffeine per 8.46-ounce can. The primary explanation for why Monster has much more caffeine than Red Bull is that a can of Monster is near twice the size of a regular can of Red Bull.

Cans of Monster Energy Drink

If we examine the amount of caffeine in half a can of Monster, we can see that it is equivalent to the amount of caffeine in 8.46 ounces of Red Bull, equal to a cup of coffee.

That’s why you should always pay attention to the size of the energy drink you are consuming. Even if the safe amount of caffeine per day is 400 mg, people with a lower caffeine tolerance might need to cap their daily intake at 200mg. 

How Much Sugar Does Red Bull Have?

A single can of Red Bull contains 26 grams of sugar per serving which slightly exceeds the daily recommended limit of sugar set by the FDA. Red Bull Sugarfree is a zero-sugar version of the drink to help with this issue.

How Much Sugar Does Monster Have?

Monster Energy drinks contain twice as much sugar as Red Bull – 54 grams per can – which can be a problem for people trying to watch their sugar intake. Luckily, there is a sugar-free version called Monster Zero.

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How Many Calories in Red Bull?

A can of Red Bull contains 117 calories. Consuming calories from drinks such as Red Bull can add up quickly, especially if you drink multiple cans daily. Therefore, you can choose Red Bull Zero or Red Bull Simply Cola since they don’t offer calories.

How Many Calories in Monster?

As with the sugar content, Monster contains nearly twice as calories as Red Bull – 210. If you are trying to stick to a calorie-restricted diet, you might want to avoid Monster drinks or opt for Monster Lo-Carb, Monster Ultra, or Monster Zero.

Why is Red Bull More Expensive Than Monster?

Red Bull’s price tag is inflated by its heavy spending on advertising, sponsorships, and transportation costs. Despite this, its established reputation as the biggest and oldest energy drink company means people are willing to pay the premium.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some of the most common questions about Red Bull and Monster.

Is Red Bull Healthier Than Monster?

Yes, it is healthier because an 8.46-ounce Red Bull contains two times less caffeine, sugar, and calories than a 16-ounce can of Monster. The rest of their common ingredients, B vitamins and taurine, are about the same amount.

What Gives You More Energy Red Bull or Monster?

Considering its higher levels of caffeine and sugar content, Monster should provide more energy than Red Bull. However, it is important to note that increased energy levels are not always beneficial and can come with unwanted side effects such as heart palpitations, anxiety, or insomnia.

Are Sugar-Free Monster Energy Drinks Bad For You? Is Red Bull Zero Bad For You?

The sugar-free versions of Monster and Red Bull contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame and acesulfame potassium, which can cause concern. Such sweeteners are connected to metabolic syndrome and increased risk of type 2 diabetes.


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