Nespresso vs. Keurig – Which Is The Best Coffee Maker?

Nespresso and Keurig machines cost

Nespresso and Keurig are two of the biggest names in the single-serve coffee game, and if you’re looking to make a purchase, you may have to choose between them. As of December 2015, Keurig owned 61% of the total United States single-serve market, both machines and coffee pods, whereas Nespresso held only 4%. However, this statistic ignores Nespresso’s strong European performance, which still positions them as one of the industry’s leaders.

Nespresso vs Keurig

To help you decide which brand is right, we created an ultimate guide that breaks down each machine’s features and benefits. This guide will provide an in-depth look at both brands so that you can make an informed decision about which machine best suits your needs. It will also compare their prices and discuss their environmental impact to ensure your purchase is good for your wallet and the planet. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll find out which machine is right for you and get delicious brewing cups of coffee in no time!

Nespresso Overview

Nespresso coffee machines

Erich Favre, an employee of the Nestle Group, invented Nespresso in 1976, and it has remained the oldest single-serve coffee-making machine. It has been successful in over 70 countries with 700 locations but is yet to make a big impact in the American market. Nespresso is still part of Nestle Group. 

They have two main lines of products: 

  • Original Line – makes espresso only
  • Vertuo Line – makes both espresso and regular coffee

The main differences between Original Nespresso and Vertuo are as follows: 

  1. Barcodes – the Original can’t read barcodes, while Vertuo uses them for brewing instructions
  2. Taste – Orignal makes a stronger espresso, while Vertuo makes more crema
  3. Variety – Original has better variety and options, while Vertuo is better suited for the US market
  4. Third-Party – Vertuo has more sizes available, while the Original has more third-party options

Keurig Overview

Keurig coffee machines

Keurig has been the top producer of single-cup coffee makers in the US for the last ten years, with more than 80 options. The company is a part of the Keurig Dr. Pepper Company, a major beverage company in North America.

Keurig offers K-cups, their form of coffee pods, which provide more variety than Nespresso. With over 60 different brands and 400 individual pods, you can satisfy your coffee craving with Keurig.

Nespresso mainly specializes in espresso drinks, while Keurig has a range of options, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and cappuccino. Additionally, they offer the K-Duo, which features a 60 oz water reservoir and a traditional carafe to brew up to 12 cups of coffee in one go, as well as single-serve pods.

Every Keurig machine comes with an auto-off timer and a detachable drip tray. Each Keurig has the ability to heat up within a minute.

Keurig K Cups Vs Nespresso Pods

Keurig K Cups

In contrast to other coffee machines, Keurig K-cups have plastic bodies and aluminum lids, which can make them less eco-friendly.

Additionally, they feature a filter to keep coffee grounds from ending up in your cup. However, Keurig has a vast selection of brands and flavors to choose from, with over 400+ types of capsules produced by 60 brands worldwide.

This means you can find pods to make tea, hot chocolate, or even fruity drinks like lemonade. Furthermore, all K-cup pods, either proprietary or 3rd-party, work seamlessly with K-series coffee makers.

Nespresso Pods

Nespresso pods

Nespresso pods feature aluminum bodies that are sealed shut to retain the freshness and flavor of the coffee. These aluminum bodies are easily recyclable if disposed of properly.

Additionally, each Nespresso capsule contains 5-6 grams of coffee. The VertuoLine models come with barcode scanning capabilities, so you can easily make a variety of coffee with just the press of a button.

Even with only 17 types of coffee pods, coffee lovers still choose Nespresso over the rest due to its capability to consistently produce high-quality coffee.

Detailed Comparison of Nespresso vs. Keurig – Who Will Win?

Cups / Pods Cost

Winner – Keurig

Let’s break down the average cost per serving for both Nespresso and Keurig:

Nespresso Pods Cost:

Vertuo Line – Usually $0.85 to $1.50 per capsule

Original Line – Usually between $0.50 to $0.90 per capsule

Keurig K Cups Cost

  • K-Cup: $0.25-$0.60 per pod
  • Rivo: $0.70-$1.30 per pod
  • K-Vue: $0.60-$1.00 per pod
  • K-Mug: $1.20-$1.50 per pod
  • K-Carafe: $1.55-$2.15 per pod

P.S. These prices can vary wildly since some promotions and sales are always available to take these prices with a decent pinch of salt. 

Cost Of The Machines

Winner – Keurig

Nespresso and Keurig machines cost

Nespresso machines are typically slightly more expensive than Keurig machines and have a more upscale, premium image. Nespresso machines also tend to be smaller and more compact, making them a good choice for smaller kitchens or those who want a more minimalistic design.

Taste Comparison

Winner – Nespresso

espresso brew formula

The taste of coffee from Nespresso and Keurig machines can vary depending on the coffee pods used and the brewing process. However, coffee from Nespresso machines generally has a stronger and more intense flavor. The pods are designed to brew espresso-style coffee, typically stronger and more concentrated than traditional drip coffee. Nespresso machines also have a higher pressure than Keurig, which can extract more flavor from the coffee grounds.

On the other hand, coffee from Keurig machines is generally considered milder and less intense, as the pods are designed to brew regular drip coffee. Additionally, Keurig machines generally cannot produce the same pressure level as Nespresso machines, which can affect the taste and intensity of the coffee.

It is worth noting that the taste of coffee also depends on the quality of the coffee beans used in the pods and the freshness of the pods themselves. Hence, it is possible to find high-quality coffee pods for both Nespresso and Keurig machines that can produce a rich and satisfying taste.


Winner – Nespresso

Nespresso is typically more versatile in terms of the beverages it can make, such as espresso, lungo, ristretto, latte, cappuccino, macchiato, etc. While Keurig machines are usually designed for coffee only.

There are, however, newer Keurig machines that are suitable for espresso and different types of coffee drinks, but they still don’t offer the versatility of Nespresso. 

Coffee Variety And Flavor Options

Winner – Nespresso

Nespresso and Keurig coffee pods and cups

Keurig is the undisputed leader in this area, with a substantially larger selection of coffee pods and other options. There are more than 400 K-cup varieties from 60 brands across the globe, granting you a vast selection of capsules. Several of these brands include Dunkin’ Donuts, Green Mountain, Starbucks, Folgers, and numerous others. You can make everything from tea and lemonade to coffee with Keurig.

Speed Of Brewing

Winner – Nespresso

Nespresso and Keurig machines are designed to brew coffee quickly and easily, but the brewing speed can vary.

Nespresso machines are generally considered faster than Keurig machines, as they take around 25 seconds to heat up and brew a cup of coffee. The brewing process is also quite fast, usually taking around 30 seconds for an espresso shot and around 40-60 seconds for a lungo or other coffee varieties.

On the other hand, Keurig machines can take longer to heat up and brew a cup of coffee, typically around 1-2 minutes. This is because Keurig machines heat water in a reservoir, which can take longer than heating a smaller amount of water in a Nespresso machine. The brewing process is also slower, usually taking 1-2 minutes for a cup of coffee.

Nespresso machines are generally considered faster at brewing coffee than Keurig machines. However, both Nespresso and Keurig machines offer a convenient and quick way to brew a cup of coffee, and the difference in brewing speed may not be significant for some users.

Cleaning Comparison

Winner – Keurig

Cleaning Keurig

Keurig and Nespresso machines are relatively easy to clean, but the cleaning process can vary depending on the specific model and design.

Keurig machines are generally considered to be easier to clean than Nespresso machines. The main cleaning required for a Keurig machine is to descale the water reservoir and run a cleaning solution through the machine. This can be done by using the built-in cleaning cycle or by following the manufacturer’s instructions for descaling and cleaning the machine. Additionally, the brew head and the drip tray can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or sponge.

On the other hand, Nespresso machines require more regular cleaning than Keurig machines, as the brewing process can leave coffee residue on the machine. The machine must be descaled regularly, and the brewing head, the spout, and the drip tray must be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth. It’s also required to empty the used capsule container, which can be more time-consuming. Some Nespresso machines have a built-in cleaning cycle, but others may require manual cleaning.


Winner – Nespresso

Investing in a Nespresso machine offers superior quality, durability, and reliability compared to Keurig. Nespresso machines are crafted with thicker plastic and metal-plated exteriors, making them denser, heavier, and sturdier.

Reviews from Nespresso users suggest that their espresso makers have a longer lifespan, while Keurig users tend to encounter more problems more often. Plus, Nespresso provides a 2-year warranty, so you can always be assured of the quality of your purchase.

Recycling And Environmental Impact

Recycling Coffee Pods

Winner – Nespresso

Single-serve coffee pods are not beneficial for the environment. Reports show that the Keurig pods manufactured in 2014 alone were enough to circle the globe more than twelve times.

As a result, if you decide to purchase a pod coffee brewer, you must accept that you are contributing to the problem. However, this does not mean that all pod coffee companies are equally damaging to the environment.

Keurig has declared that they are attempting to create a completely recyclable K-Cup, but they do not expect it to be available until 2020.

Meanwhile, Nespresso is taking proactive steps to be more eco-friendly by initiating the Ecolaboration Program. This program has established numerous recycling stations around Canada to reclaim seventy-five percent of sold capsules. Consumers are also encouraged to return used containers to any Nespresso boutique, collection point, or via UPS through the mail-back program in the forty-eight continental states.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Nespresso use regular K-cups?

No K-Cuffs cannot use Nespresso machines despite their shape and size. Alternatively, you may want Keurigar alternatives.

Is Keurig compatible with Nespresso?

Is this product compatible with Nespresso? It’s not compatible with Nespresso machines because it’s too small or too large to use. This might be your problem unless there is a Keurig Alternative. This is also about different types of K Cup pods.

Can a Keurig be used as an espresso machine?

Keurig machines are not designed to be used as espresso machines. They are designed to brew regular drip coffee, and although some Keurig models produce stronger and more concentrated coffee, it is not comparable to espresso.

Does Nespresso have more caffeine than Keurig?

The caffeine content of coffee from a Nespresso machine and a Keurig machine can vary depending on the specific coffee pods used.

However, coffee from Nespresso machines generally tends to have more caffeine than coffee from Keurig machines.

Which machine is better for making lattes and cappuccinos?

Nespresso has an attached milk frother, making it easier to make lattes and cappuccinos. However, Keurig devices can make lattes and cappuccinos with a separate milk frother.

Lattes and Cappuccinos

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a reliable single-serve coffee maker, then Nespresso has our endorsement. A Keurig machine is for you if you are more interested in a budget-friendly option with various features.

Ultimately, what matters most is getting the best cup of coffee possible. If you’re looking for espresso and a craft cup of joe, then a Nespresso would be the way to go. However, a Keurig is more suited to your needs if you’re working with a tight budget and want to make hot chocolate and tea.

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