How to Make AeroPress Cold Brew (Easy Recipe!)

Cold brew coffee is a delicious and refreshing way to enjoy your morning cup of joe, but it can be tough to know where to start when it comes to brewing it at home. Enter the Aeropress, a versatile and easy-to-use coffee maker perfect for making cold brews.

We’ll show you step-by-step how to use Aeropress to make cold brew coffee that is smooth, flavorful, and just the right temperature for a hot summer day. From grind size to brewing time, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make the perfect cold brew with your Aeropress. So, grab your favorite beans, and let’s get started!

What beans to choose?

For cold brew coffee, it’s best to use a medium to dark roast coffee beans. The beans should be coarsely ground. A good rule of thumb is to use one ounce of coffee grounds for every four ounces of water.

Some popular coffee beans for cold brew include Colombian, Sumatra, and Ethiopian varieties. Ultimately, the best beans to use will depend on personal taste preference. You can experiment with different types of beans to find the flavor profile that you like best.

How To Make Cold Brew With An AeroPress – Our Favorite Recipe

Aeropress cold brew recipe

Cold Brew Coffee With Aeropress

Create a delicios cold brew cuppa with an AeroPress
Prep Time15 minutes
Active Time1 day
Course: Drinks
Keyword: Cold Brew, Coldbrew


  • An AeroPress device
  • An AeroPress filter
  • Coffee grinder


  • 20-30 g Cofee Beans
  • 130 ml Water


  • Measure abouve 20 to 30grams of good quality coffee beans
  • Grind the beans coarsley
  • Invert your Aeropress and add the ground coffee
  • Add the water and stir
  • Let it sit overnight (at least 20 hours, preferrablyfull 24 )
  • Place a filter
  • Rinse the basket
  • Screw into the AeroPress and flip into a small glass
  • Finish off by adding milk, water or cream
  • Enjoy the cold brew coffee you just made!

Are there any other methods?

Four methods of making cold coffee with AeroPress

Aeropress is unique in that it can create iced coffee, cold coffee and cold drip so there are no separate coffeemakers needed to do it. AeroPress can be made using cold coffee as well as hot coffee for fewer resources. Detailed instructions for using the AeroPress for cold coffee can be found below. Check out our most popular cold brewed coffee reviews.

Two-minute AeroPress Cold Brew

aeropress cold brew

The procedure takes only two minutes and does not use hot water either. Using these methods, the brewing method resembles regular hot AeroPress coffees.

Unlike heating water, it requires room temperature water for brewing instead. One difference is that you have to add water for a minute before you start the plunge instead of a few seconds before you start the plunge.

PuckPuck Cold Drip

PUCKPUCK - Cold brew coffee for the Aeropress

Source: Indiegogo

Since Aeropress coffee is an excellent coffee machine to be on top of new developments and as it is such an innovative system, it is not surprising to see add-ons being added to it to improve its usefulness. PockPock enables extra cold brewing possibilities. Puckpuck is a third-party coffee part manufacturer that has developed an excellent addition to AeroPress cold brew brewing. The PUCKPUCK adaptor can be installed above AeroPress to make coffee slowly.

You may be interested in “Best Coffee For Cold Brew” or “The Complete Guide to Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee and What You Should Know“.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make the Cold Brew hot again?

make the Cold Brew hot again

Yes, you can make cold brew coffee hot again by heating it up on the stove or in a microwave. Keep in mind that cold brew coffee is typically stronger and less acidic than traditionally brewed coffee, so you may want to adjust the proportions of coffee to water when reheating it. Alternatively, you can also make a new batch of hot coffee using the cold brew concentrate.

Can you use an AeroPress to make a cold brew?

An AeroPress is typically used to make hot coffee, but it can be used to make cold brew coffee as well. The process is called “reverse AeroPress” or “inverted AeroPress” and it consists of inverting the AeroPress and using a longer steep time.

Is AeroPress cold brew any good?

Using an AeroPress to make cold brew will give a different flavor profile than the traditional cold brew method, as the coffee is brewed under high pressure. Some people prefer the smooth and clean taste of the reverse AeroPress method.

Can you use cold water in AeroPress?

Yes, you can use cold water to make coffee with an AeroPress. This method is called “cold brew AeroPress” or “AeroPress iced coffee”.

The process is similar to the “reverse AeroPress” method I’ve described earlier, but instead of steeping the coffee for a long period of time, you will press the coffee with cold water.

Final Words

In its original form, Aero Press became more popular among coffee fans across the globe. Its advantages include being cost-efficient and versatile. AeroPress is an excellent coffee maker choice because it offers numerous recipes, which are also a fantastic way to experiment. AeroPress’ advantage is, however, not limited to brewing delicious hot coffee. AeroPress has been a fantastic product since it makes cold-brewed coffee, and this guide explains four ways to do it.


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