15 Starbucks Drinks For Pregnant Women

Pregnant and coffee

As a pregnant woman, you may wonder if drinking Starbucks beverages are safe. Don’t know Starbucks drinks for pregnant? The good news is that most Starbucks drinks are considered safe for pregnant women. However, there are a few exceptions, so it’s important to know which drinks to avoid. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the safety of Starbucks beverages for pregnant women and provide a list of safe drink options. We hope this information helps make your decision easier!

starbucks drinks for pregnant

For many people, re-entering Starbucks might seem difficult even after just nine months. Some people in coffee shops might even wonder if caffeine is safe while pregnant. Fortunately, coffee’s vast menu is filled with pregnancy options, and all beverages can be customized easily, allowing you to avoid dangerous ingredients easily. Stick with small-sized drinks; choose lower-caffeine beverages and ask that the prepared foods be cooled thoroughly. Unfortunately, between the size of glasses and Starbucks terms, the menus can seem very confusing if you use Starbucks terms.

First things first. How much caffeine does a pregnant woman need?

A pregnant woman is strongly recommended to stop using coffee while pregnant. Firstly, caffeine has the effect of increasing blood pressure and heart rate as well. It was an exciting day. According to recent studies, an adolescent mother shouldn’t have at least 200 mg of caffeine per day. This article gives you a choice of 10 drinks from Starbucks with a caffeine content of fewer than 200 grams. This would be equivalent to a 12oz coffee.

Starbucks Tea (Hot or Iced Teas)

Starbucks Tea (Hot or Iced Teas)

How can you avoid drinking coffee and not tea during pregnancy? Is it ok? Tea provides better refreshing and hydrating options. Tea helps to ease pregnant problems such as morning nausea or vomiting. They may improve digestion while pregnant. They are mainly low in calories.

Tea also contains a high concentration of caffeine, but the amounts are lower than that of coffee. Typical caffeine intake is between 30-60 mg per ounce of coffee. It must be taken to be careful with its other components; Certain herbal and hibiscus teas should not even be consumed during pregnancy. Green tea should have a maximum of a cup daily.

Teas are a great way to soothe pregnant babies’ discomfort or re-energize them. For example, consider drinking ginger tea for morning sickness or nausea or peppermint tea to aid digestion.

Decaf and Half-Caf Coffee

Decaf coffee

Starbucks offers plenty of flavorful decaf coffee drinks to satisfy the tastes of all coffee lovers. Decaf coffee contains approximately 15 mg of caffeine. As a result, it tastes like coffee but lacks caffeine content in its drinks. So you may enjoy your beverage without worrying about your health or the baby.

Iced Coconut Milk

Iced coconut milk makes optimum substitutes for coffee and can be accessed in wide varieties, including golden ginger matcha, pineapple matcha, and guava Passion Fruit. Unlike other fruit flavors, there is only one pineapple matcha, which contains caffeine as green tea. But you could still have quarter-sized beverages. This coffee is a nice drink for those of you with an interest in stopping drinking coffee.

Iced coffee (Nitro, Cold Brew & Regular Iced Coffee)

Starbucks Iced Coffee

People like iced coffee no matter the weather; it tastes chilling. However, the morning coffee is a little more than 100 mg and contains caffeine. Frozen coffee is much safer, as a great cup contains around 160g. Pregnant mothers should be cautious with Nitro, but this drug can hold about 250 mg of caffeine, far below its recommended dose.

If your coffee is iced, there is a difference between cafes. A coffee with Nitro is 220 mg in a cup, and iced coffee is 295 mg. It is the same as a gyro. Generally speaking, I like coffee. Dunkin’ & McFafe also has small frozen coffees that weigh less than 200 mg.


Many women are afraid to use cappuccinos while pregnant because they believe they’ll cause harm to their babies. That’s just an additional myth since cappuccinos do not contain much caffeine. If you drink cappuccinos with regular foam and milk with 1% water, you can still get 150 mg of caffeine out of them. So even though the coffee levels increase, you can get another venti.


Mochas and macchiatos are slightly different. Mocha has dark chocolate with steamed milk, while a macchiato contains espresso with a hot milkshake. Macchiato is richer and more creamy than mocha. Even the Mocha drink’s recommended serving size contains less caffeine, 200mg. Plus, these brews have a wide variety of flavors that you can enjoy.


Contrary to what many people think, macchiatos can have health benefits for pregnancy. They do contain caffeine, which makes them a very rich beverage. However, the decaf macchiato does not contain caffeine and is safe for mothers. Keep an eye out for Espresso macchiato, which may have more coffee than you can afford.


starbucks lattes

You’ll love this drink even during pregnancy. All Starbucks latte currently contains less than 200 mg of caffeine and is safe for pregnant women. For example, caramel brownie-flavored coffee contains about 160 mg of caffeine. Other flavors are Cinnamon Dolce Latte, Egg-nog Latte, and Coffee Latte. They are also consumed at a reasonable rate.

Chai Latte

Consider the Chai latte the simple warmer alternative to coffee drinks. The coffee latte venti has only 120mg of caffeine, so it’s safe for pregnant women to drink. In addition, you can have another drink during the day, as this allows for more energy to consume caffeine.

Which Starbucks Lattes are pregnant-friendly?

Steamed milk is a perfect companion to coffee and tea, so lattes are a highly preferred drink. The safety and nutrition of Starbucks lattes are important. Caffeinewise, a most short-sized latte, is made of one espresso and has 75 mg of caffeine. Like many beverages, the smaller the size, the greater the caffeine. Remember, decaffeinated coffee espresso is a very good choice, and switching from espresso to decaf dramatically decreases caffeine intake.

Hot Brewed Coffee

Even the smallest coffee you drink will likely have many different sources. Starbucks has a short rib (Blonde Roast contains 180 mg and Pik Place is 155 mg) at McKinsey, a medium with just 145 mg, and Tim Horton, a medium with 217 mg. Caribou and Peets all go further than this — a small in Caribou has 230 mg, and a 16-ounce jar in Peets has 267 mg.


Starbucks drinkers are an excellent choice! They are offered in almost all flavors – pink drinks, mango, kiwis, and whatnot. No matter what fruit-based you choose, the beverage contains some caffeine, although it can’t be compared to coffee. A short drink contains approximately 35mg of caffeine, making it an excellent alternative to sugar for those cutting back. Refreshers are very simple drinks – made from ice, fruity, and caffeine-based – and frozen fruit slices.

Caffe Misto

One of the best coffee beverages in Starbucks, coffee misto, contains half-cooked milk and half-brewed coffee. In addition, ventis have approximately 195 mg of weight loss, which helps to keep you at a low daily calorie. Alternatively, it’s a perfect drink to relax in the park or walk around the park.

Caffe Americano

For watered-down espresso, get Americano, an espresso with hot drinks mixed with hot drinks. Again, it’s possible to select how many espresso drinks to drink. A Grande at Starbucks is 200 mg, a Medium at McCofe is 178g, a Medium at Tim Hortons has 200g and one Small at Caribou 180g.

Shot of Espresso

Order an espresso if you prefer to keep things fairly straightforward. In Starbucks, sips contain 75 mg, and a bottle is available at McDonald’s with 90 mg. A single cup of espresso has 64 grams of caffeine so you can have a few more in case of a full day of energy needs.

Almondmilk Honey Flat White

The flat white beverage consists of cooked milk and two shots of ristretto. The tallest drink has 131 mg of caffeine, so pregnant women can safely consume it. You can even have another thing there: You get enough daily caffeine for the day.

You may be interested in “Latte Vs. Flat White: What’s The Difference?” or “Iced Latte vs. Iced Coffee: Which One is Right for You?“.

Tell me the best Starbucks pregnancy drinks.

Starbucks pregnancy drinks

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best Starbucks drink for pregnant women will vary depending on individual preferences and dietary restrictions. However, some of our favorite safe options include the iced coffee with almond milk, the hot latte with soy milk, and the pumpkin spice chai tea. If you’re looking for a refreshing drink option, we recommend the strawberry refresher or the passion iced tea. Just be sure to avoid any drinks that contain caffeine or alcohol, as these can be harmful to your baby.

What foods can pregnant women eat at Starbucks?

Starbucks doesn’t just serve coffee; they offer an excellent range of foods. Although these goods are often pre-packaged, they do not guarantee pregnancy safety. Their eggs include spinach feta wrap and undercooked egg bites, which have been widely asked for. Many of our eggs have pasteurized liquid eggs that improve their stability. The eggs are likewise not freshly prepared and are reheated in commercial ovens. Serve these dishes as leftovers, and be careful to cook them until steaming hot.

FAQs on 15 Starbucks Drinks For Pregnant Women

Is Dunkin Donuts safe for pregnant women?

Yes, Dunkin Donuts is considered safe for pregnant women. However, there are a few exceptions, so it’s important to know which drinks to avoid.

Can I drink hot chocolate while pregnant?

During pregnancy, caffeine should be limited to 200 mg a day. Coffee tea, Coca Cola and hot chocolate contain caffeine which must be avoided with caution. These drinks should not replace the intake of drinking water during pregnancy.

How many shots of espresso can I have while pregnant?

It has also been proposed that pregnant ladies limit the consumption of their diet to 400 calories. Typically an espresso drink has approximately 212 mg, so it’s not advised to use it during pregnancy.

Is Starbucks Frappuccino safe during pregnancy?

Frappuccinos are popular among the crowd. You could sample them in different flavors, such as Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha. Almost all the flavors are low in caffeine and can easily be drunk. However, the drink has approximately 15g of dietary weight and more than 600 calories. So if you aim to lose a bit of weight and calories, it might hurt!

What Starbucks drink does not contain caffeine?

Non-coffee drink in Starbucks is made up of tea, lemonades, and juices. Coffee-free Starbucks drinks contain herbal tea without caffeine, fluids, steams, and warm chocolate.

What tea from Starbucks is pregnancy safe?

Chai Tea Latte – created with chai tea, the caffeine comes from chai tea. Fortunately, Starbucks’ chai contains all its ingredients that can be used for pregnancy as it is safe.


Starbucks offers a variety of drinks for pregnant women that are both healthy and delicious. If you are pregnant or know someone who is, check out the options at your local Starbucks. Pregnant women need plenty of fluids, especially water, during their pregnancies, so these drinks can help meet that need while also providing some important nutrients. Have you tried any of the drinks on our list? Let us know in the comments below.


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