Salt In Coffee: Why Is Salty Coffee Good For Taste And Health?

Salt in coffee

Salt in coffee: Why is salty coffee good for taste and health?

salty coffee beans

What are your thoughts on salty coffee? Why does coffee need salt? Okay, we hear you. A sweet, saltier coffee might not be the first thing you want before you get up in your mornings – particularly when sugar is a sweetened creamer to add to your beverage? Tell us about this topic and read about it. Salt and coffee might be an odd trend you missed! Salting your coffee eliminates bitterness and salted coffee provides many health benefits versus sugary coffee.

Why You MUST Try Salt in Coffee?

Everyone prefers to drink coffee. I love the milk with sugar and the milk in different forms. With so many options coffee is a versatile beverage. Can a salty dish be eaten without adding sugar? It is beneficial in reducing your caffeine intake. Salt may make for some interesting sugar substitute a good alternative to sugar and will reduce the bitterness of an otherwise bad coffee. The idea of having coffee with salt may seem daunting initially but once you learn how to use this you have the perfect treat! So let’s go into that and show how salty coffee is.

The science behind adding salt to coffee

adding salt to coffee

Salt is used to make many different types of stuff – some estimate it may amount to 14000. It is essential that food be prepared for sanitization, cleaning the greasy surfaces and the removal of dirt and bacteria, and many of us use it to substitute for mouth soap. The use of salt in the making of coffee is unusual long in many cultures. Some of us say this method can effectively reduce bitterness and enhance desirable flavors over time. Not everyone can agree on its benefit. Often, they aren’t treated as flavor enhancers but simply “hackings,” helping improve the palatable taste of coffee in poor-quality varieties.

Adding a pinch of salt to coffee grounds before brewing can extract more flavor from the beans, resulting in coffee that is less bitter and better tasting. The theory behind this is that sodium ions bind with some of the coffee’s acidity and reduce its bitterness.

What is salty coffee? The origins

Salting coffee is used throughout many cultures around the world. In Turkey, for instance, it was traditionally a tradition for brides-to-be to make tea with salt as an informal premarital ceremony. Similarly, “sea salt coffee”, made with toasted milk sand topped by a steamed Americano, remains the main beverage in Taiwan. Since the 1970s, Danish consumers have poured coffee with salt for years. Lastly, brackish water containing high salt content is often used for making coffee on the coasts of Europe. Why does everyone take such an action?

Additionally, The reason people add salt to coffee goes back to the days of World War II. Soldiers in the field had access to sweet tasting, canned coffee, but they wanted the flavor of coffee beans. Adding salt helped remove some of the coffee’s inherent bitterness, making it more like fresh-brewed coffee. Over time, this became a ritual for soldiers and many others who liked adding salt for personal reasons.

World War II coffee cup

There are several barista opinions on this topic:

Some claim that salting one’s coffee is a matter of personal preference. Antonio Delgado, the head of training at Blue Bottle Coffees in New York City, said that while he personally doesn’t add salt to his coffee, he has had many customers tell him they prefer salted coffee.

“There have been some comparisons made between the effect of adding salt to your brewing process and adding sugar to your brewing process,” Delgado said.

So does salted coffee enhance the flavor? It does have an improved taste by removing some of the bitterness from well roasted beans or with over-roasted ones. The theory is that a pinch of salt in brewed coffee removes the acrid taste of over-roasted beans.


Turkish coffee has an interesting flavor due to the different spices in its mix. They have used salt in coffee but not as you may imagine. It is one of the traditional ritual practices for informal pre-wedding ceremonies for females. Use as an indicator of whether a potential husband is willing to let the bride get into the kitchen. The groom will meet her and his family will make a coffee with the groom. Usually, bridesmaids will put salt in the coffees of their future husbands. If he smiled and acted like he was enjoying himself, this is a sign of good relations.


Asia’s first salted foams have been introduced but Taiwan has the first customers who cater to coffee lovers. A popular Taiwanese cafe brand developed a drink called “ salt coffee. This beer is mainly sweetened Americano with an ice cream infused with salty sea salt ice cream. It originated from an adapted local practice – salting fruit.

Why do people add salt to coffee?

add salt to coffee

The practice may have come about as a response to the advent of canned beans which are laced with a syrup or sugar solution in order to preserve them. It is speculated by some baristas that adding salt helps undo this sugar solution effect, releasing the true flavor of freshly roasted beans.

Anecdotal reviews: “Drinkers often say it tastes sweet, smooth and not as strong. It has a nice taste, not just bitterness.”

In a study of 144 coffee drinkers in the U.S., 10 percent of respondents said they regularly add salt to their coffee. In all cases, the drinkers said they added salt because they liked to enhance the flavor of the coffee, disliked the bitter taste and felt it was an important part of brewing a cup.

A more recent study has shown that there is no significant difference between high and low levels of sodium present in brewed coffee, I.e it can contain up to 400 milligrams per cup (2 grams). Researchers have not been able to show that the taste is changed at all by salt (see this study).

Potential health benefits

Coffee can be used by many as pocket knives to help you get healthier, varying health benefits can be obtained. It helps increase our energy levels, but coffee may also be associated with a reduced risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Mixing of ingredients such as creams and sugars is fairly normal for coffee lovers. They can add taste or conceal the taste. In addition to causing health issues, excessive consumption of food and drinks can cause serious health risks. Using salt in coffee can help decrease the sugar content in coffee. A little salt enhances the taste without using sugar.

Pinch of salt

What’s the most common reason for a bitter coffee taste in our coffee? Adding salt to coffee can neutralize their flavor and reduce bitterness. Food journalist Aldon Brown noted a year back in 2009 that combining salt with a cup of tea may reduce the bitter taste of excess coffee. Alton recommends putting about half of the kosher salt into 6 cups of roasted coffee. Interestingly, it reduces bitterness while it doesn’t affect your coffee’s saltiness. Although this ratio may not suit you, test the various amounts of salt in a coffee and you’ll see how it’s going.

What to look for when buying salted coffee?

buying salted coffee

Coffee companies often market their products as “confusingly flavored”, which means they use a lot of sugar or added flavors to mask the taste. So, you want to make sure the coffee you buy tastes like coffee and has not been tampered with in any way. The best way is to try it before you buy: ask for a small amount of your regular cup and add a pinch of salt. If it’s just okay, then that’s how much goes in the bag (or jar). If you like it, the amount will depend on your personal preference and how much of a coffee drinker you are.

How much salt should I put in my coffee?

The exact coffee to salinity ratio varies depending on what bitterness you want to remove from your coffee. If you dislike the bitter taste of coffee, you’ll probably need more salt. If the coffee tastes very bitter then it may be worth it. Generally speaking, a teaspoon of salt will suffice for a typical coffee taste. How does salt coffee work by putting coffee powder into coffee brew? However, do not overdo it. As most people have already learned from their experience in food or drinks, salt can overpower the drink.

Does coffee really taste good?

You may think that salt in your coffee may sound strange, but trust our experts it will give you the perfect flavor. If you’re not into sweets then salty coffees will satisfy you nicely. If you do not like stale coffee, add salt to coffee grounds to reduce the bitterness. Salt also provides extra flavor to your beer without causing additional calories during the day. How can I reduce sugar? How does salt work? You can save this recipe for preparing salty coffee for tomorrow morning!

Salty coffee recipe

  • 1 teaspoon salt, finely ground
  • 2 ounces of coffee beans
  • Water to make 2 cups of coffee ( as much or little as you wish)

Grind the beans first and then add the salt and grind again. Add enough water to make a strong pot of coffeemaking. Place on stove and boil until desired strength is reached. Pour into cups, add sugar or another flavored creamer if desired, and enjoy!

How much sodium is in coffee?

When you’re looking to add salt to coffee, it’s important for you to check the sodium levels present in it. This can vary according to the bean, and the answers are usually low. During brewing different nutrients are extracted from beans but the salt content never exceeds 2 mg per 1 tonne of coffee. Compare the coffee’s caffeine content at an average of 40 grams per 13 cups, and you can see there is nothing visible sodium in the brew without adding it yourself.

Benefits of putting salt in a coffee

Benefits of putting salt in a coffee

What are the reasons salt tastes great? Tell me the best way you can find salty coffee that suits your taste! In traditional coffee making, sugars or other sweeteners have an enhanced taste and are often used for cooking many foods and drinks, and are seldom used to spice coffee. If you have a savory taste and do not have any sweet taste then coffee salt is an ideal combination and an ideal alternative to sugar.

Salt removes the bitterness from the coffee

Added salt in coffee helps reduce bitterness. While most coffee drinkers like bitters coffee you tend to be more neutral. We guess your preferred coffee addition would be either sugar or a sweetener. (We love lattes like all others!). Sugars disguise bitterness; Salt does a great deal of damage to bitterness but sugar does. Mixed salts into coffee help sodium counteract bitterness in beer thereby covering up the taste and sensations of a sipped coffee.

Salt in coffee has health benefits

Salt also improves health. It’s necessary that salt regulates the body’s pressure to maintain the body’s vitality and function as well (without it we’ll die! Salt can provide an excellent alternative to sugar or sweeteners. It does not contain any calorie content. Salt adds more taste to coffee, but you’ll never feel guilty over the drink! For those looking to boost their coffee and reduce their sugar consumption, salt is another great way.

Salt produces a more rounded, more mellow taste

What are the reasons salt tastes great? Tell me the best way you can find salty coffee that suits your taste! In traditional coffee making, sugars or other sweeteners have an enhanced taste and are often used for cooking many foods and drinks, and are seldom used to spice coffee. If you have a savory taste and do not have any sweet taste then coffee salt is an ideal combination and an ideal alternative to sugar.

Disadvantages of Salted Coffee

Salt helps with body health. Like sugar, consumption is often problematic Controlling salt intake is vital to maintaining homeostasis, keeping your fluid intake at a certain level. In our bodies, our water is a natural substance, and salt is necessary for maintaining our pH. Don’t worry about the situation. Too much salt can be harmful. Also, be sure not to take any salt coffee every time you brew!

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FAQs on Salt in coffee: Why is salty coffee good for taste and health?

What is salty coffee?

Salted coffee is a method of brewing coffee that involves adding salt to the grounds before, during, or after the brewing process.

Is salty coffee good?

Studies show that adding a pinch of salt can actually result in a better tasting cup of coffee.

Is it safe to add salt to coffee?

Yes, there are no known health hazards associated with adding salt to your coffee. As long as you don’t add too much and keep it out of the heating process, your cup will have a better flavor and be healthier for you.


Salty coffee is the method of adding a pinch of salt to the coffee grounds before, during, or after the brewing process. Adding just a pinch of salt to the grounds you are using can bring out stronger and more refined flavors from the coffee. It also prevents over-roasted beans from becoming overly bitter. The added bonus is that it can replace some of your daily sodium requirements. Studies show that adding a pinch of salt can actually result in a better tasting cup of coffee. It’s safe to add salt to your coffee, as long as you don’t add too much and keep it out of the heating process. Thanks for reading. Do you like salt coffee? Leave a comment.


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