How To Drink Espresso Like A Professional (Tips and Tricks)

How To Drink Espresso Like A Professional (Tips and Tricks)

How to drink espresso like a professional (Tips and Tricks)

How to drink espresso? In the world of coffee, there is much debate about which country makes the best coffee. However, when it comes to espresso (espresso shots), Italy has been at the forefront of espresso for over two hundred years. If you’re looking for tips on how to drink espresso like a professional, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of tricks and tips that will make you impress friends, family, and colleagues who happen to enjoy their coffee as much as you do. With these simple hacks in your back pocket, baristas might just be telling your order before it even leaves your lips!

how to drink espresso

Understanding Espresso: Learn the Lingo

Before entering the cafe, you should learn the jargon used by the baristas. Knowing the terminology can allow you to get the exact thing you need plus you feel more confident when the bartender asks the question unexpectedly.


Cupping is one technique that coffee growers use to assess their coffee production. The bean’s production process is complicated and requires quality checks. Some nonfarmers have been used to explain their more complex tasting method of brewing the espresso for the different flavors of the beverage. On the same theme, the term overextraction is often used as describing the flavor of certain types of coffee. Over-extraction means that coffee is bitter, whereas under-extraction means it tastes bitter.

Pull an Espresso

It describes making espresso back when espresso makers used eight bars of pressure in order to force cold water into the coffee grind. In this period the coffeemaker manually pulled levers and thus the name “pull an espresso” was created. Nowadays most cafes utilize modern machinery which requires no lever. Nevertheless, the expression continues to be used frequently. If you hear a phrase such as this you may hear “Be cautious, Espressos freshly prepared are hot”.


It would be fair to say you know about espresso from the beginning. Obviously, it is no question if there is a specific definition or a pronunciation. The person at the table may be surprised if they see a press order. Like with all mispronounced words, it’s best to examine it phonetically—( eh-spress-o ). It is important that Espresso is an adjective. It means it uses the name for the drink and its process to make it.


Shots are also called “espresso”. However, the term usually refers to beverages that have espresso and other ingredients as the main ingredients. Some examples are cappuccinos, macchiadas, and mocha drinks. You can choose to take one shot in the same shot as the other shot. A single shot is one espresso, the double-shot is two espressos.


This coffee is called dem-e-tats. Originally espressos were made in a white ceramic cup. Demitasse stands for half cup, and why Italian drinks are brewed with French names remains unknown. Usually, in the reputed café the espresso orders come directly to your mugs. But you can also get espresso in denim to make people jealous.


Similar to cupping, mouthfeel relates to the taste brewing in a person’s mouth. The book describes every detail: texture, flavor, weight, acids, oiliness. As we learn the taste of Espresso as it grows and becomes more refined to each flavor, it becomes more possible to explain its flavor better.

Dial In

Dial-in is defined as control over and tweaking a brewery’s brewing method. It can mean altering the shape of grinds, increasing water temperature, and enhancing pressure. In addition to that, a quick dial will make it as perfect as conceivable to you.

How to Drink Espresso: 5 Easy Steps

How to Drink Espresso: 5 Easy Steps

First, make sure you have a good grinder. You can buy one in the shop or grind your own beans at home, but make sure that the grinder has an ice setting. You’ll know that this is the case if it says “espresso” or “fine grind” on it. If in doubt, ask someone in the shop if it’s suitable for espresso.

Secondly, you should use really fine espresso beans. This will ensure that you get an even and consistent shot even when it comes to the size of the drink.

Thirdly, just before serving your drinks remember to stir them with a spoon so that they mix evenly.

Fourthly, make sure you’re holding your cup steady when pouring it. I recommend using two hands, but it can be done with one. The key point is that the coffee should be evenly mixed and there shouldn’t be any lumps in it. When you’re ready to drink your shot, remember to savor the taste and enjoy!

Finally, if you want a more detailed guide on how to make espresso properly then have a look at this page for instructions on how to use a variety of different espresso machines correctly.

The most important part is to practice! If you’re new to espresso then just get a friend or family member to pour some shots for you until you get used to handling the equipment properly.

And now… the best types of espresso drinks (and how to make them!)

best types of espresso drinks

Iced espresso:

Iced espresso

In order to make iced espresso, you will need a grinder with an ice setting. This is the simplest way to make iced espresso. Simply grind your coffee beans and put them in an espresso machine with frozen water (obviously not into the drinker!), hit the button, and enjoy! It can be tricky when it comes to pouring but just go slow and steady with one hand holding the cup and the other hand holding onto the filter, then it will be easy to pour properly.

Espresso colada:

Espresso colada

This shot is so delicious! The best thing about this shot is that you can use whatever you have in your fridge. I like to use dried fruits, chocolate and cream.

The ingredients you need:

  • Espresso Beans – Fine Grind
  • Cream (optional) – I recommend the fresh kind you get from the shop, but it can be tricky to find in some places. If you can’t find fresh cream then use powder or condensed milk instead. However, these aren’t quite as good as fresh cream!

I like to use dried plums, chocolate and creamy-style mousse but experiment with whatever you have! Just make sure that the fruits are finely chopped so that there aren’t any lumps when you mix them all together. That’s it!

Special tip: If you have a coffee machine that has an espresso setting, you don’t need to add any water to this drink. Just put the cutting board on the glass of your coffee machine and pour it in, then use the hand pump to stop and take your shot (obviously with cream!).

Decaffeinated espresso:

You can buy decaffeinated coffee beans or make each one yourself. It is not too hard! You simply grind your beans, then strain them through a filter (into a metal bowl, for example). Then boil up some water and pour that over the ground-up beans. Let them steep for one minute, then remove them from heat and let them sit for another minute. Then you can strain it again, just like the first time (into a metal bowl, etc).

You can use this in place of caffeinated espresso. The key is to make sure that the boiling water doesn’t touch the beans directly or you will burn the caffeine out!

Tips for Drinking Espresso

Tips for Drinking Espresso

We offer you a few tips for navigating espresso scenes. Keeping this information in mind is important to have confidence, and it also helps maximize your learning.

  • Take your time – and if possible, don’t drink that shot in front of anyone else! It’s best to enjoy it by yourself so that you can relax and slow down. Remember that this isn’t a race.
  • Hold the cup steady – With the exception of iced espresso shots, it’s best to use two hands when pouring your shot. It will be difficult if not impossible to pour correctly with one hand.
  • Pour slowly – Don’t rush this process! The espresso should be evenly mixed and well blended into a creamy consistency. It is much better to take your time making a perfect shot than it is to rush through it and ruin it.
  • Practice, practice, practice! – This may sound obvious but you have to keep practicing pouring to get the technique down for when you’re at home on your own 😊 . The more you do it, the better you will get!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask other people – If you’re new to making espresso, then there is no shame in asking someone else to take a shot for you. It’s much easier to make a perfect shot when someone else is pouring it for you. Plus, they can give you some really useful tips! You may be surprised at how much better your shots look when someone else is pouring them for you…
  • Don’t forget about the cutting board – Your grinder should have an ice setting. This can be used to make iced espresso and other special drinks. Simply put the grinder on a cutting board, put the water from your ice-cube tray in the glass, and grind your beans. Then you can use your hand-pump to stop and take a shot of iced espresso!
  • Clean your machine – If you make two or three shots of espresso at once, then be sure to clean out your machine after you’ve finished. Just pour some freshwater into it and run it through a few times… that’s all there is to it!
  • How do I drink an espresso properly?

How do I drink an espresso properly

Okay, now that the lingo is clear enough we can go ahead and drink the drink. Espresso consumption will depend on the place and the question. We’ve divided the process of enjoying an espresso into 5 steps. Our system contains the commonest techniques and some more conventional aspects. This way you can easily get into any coffeehouse you need.


There is another thing to drink in espresso that many experts disagree on. What is stirred? Again, the old fashioned way to consume coffee is to keep the beverage as is. However, it’s recommended to do a short mixture. Espresso is often separate when it is brewed. The lighter syruplike parts sink to the bottom and bright notes rise to the top. A little sweeping with one spoon helps distribute the drink evenly, creating a balanced taste. In order to give you everything you need, people who don’t love to stir aren’t doing this because they want to taste each component.

Ordering an Espresso

Once at the café, you have to first give the manager order. You can order the shots “for here” so the shots can be viewed by the client. You may also purchase one or two shots. Doubles are recommended unless you tried several coffees that day. Doubles can make for an easier and more enjoyable journey. Where we stand may differ depending on the area. In general, people like to sit at tables, especially when planning meals. In tradition, espresso was primarily intended as drinking quickly and joyfully.


Once the cup is ready, you have time to check it out. Hopefully, it was pushed so it would be covered with crema and will show how much coffee it contains inside it. I want crema in a thick consistency with a dark reddish hue. This equates to a quality coffee bean. Crema also helps retain an aromatic aroma that you can taste and drink before you drink. The crema gives you an inside look to your drink. Coffee lovers have been discussing the taste, texture, and consistency of coffee for many days.

Cleansing Your Palate

This second step can sometimes cause confusion amongst newbies. Once you order the product, the bartender will give you any sparkling bottled beverages – depending upon where you are located. This will no longer occur at Starbucks, of course. However, it was traditionally used to purify your palate before the brewing process. So you can taste all the flavor notes of coffee. Sparkling water helps to boost taste buds to expand. It also helps in eliminating any flavors that have been hidden.

Drinking Espresso

Let us finally have coffee! The steps below, however, are subject to deliberate consideration. We believe that drinking the beer directly has an effect on the desired experience. Are our espresso drinks a good way to get a quick coffee or do they have a better flavor? Often the answers can vary between each day in your life. It is common practice for Italians to drink espresso while standing by their tables talking to other customers.

Espresso making tools:

Espresso making tools

You will need some specific equipment when it comes to making espresso drinks in the house. They offer various options for different budgets. This is a summary.

  • Espresso machine: The espresso machine is essential for making great espresso drinks. There are two main types of espresso machines: The super automatic machine (highly recommended) and the traditional manual machine, which will require you to make the shots by hand. If you go for the super automatic type, you will be able to make up to 4 espresso shots per minute. If you want to save money, you can choose a traditional manual type that offers 1 or 2 shots per minute.

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  • Tamper: The tamper is used to press down the coffee beans so that they are better developed in flavor profile and extraction response after being ground. It also offers better control over the grind quality, as well as the amount of pressure applied.

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  • Grinder: To produce a great espresso beverage, you need to grind your coffee beans at just the right time. The grinder should be able to grind the beans to medium size (or slightly finer) while maintaining their freshness so that they have a strong and consistent flavor profile in almost every cup. Long grinding times can lead to watered down coffee. A good grinder will give you consistent results every time you make an espresso shot.

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  • Cup: You will also need espresso cups. They are commonly ceramic or porcelain. Ceramic cups are less porous, therefore they don’t absorb the aroma the way the porcelain ones do and they have a nice design. For example, you can go for either demitasse or espresso cups.

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How to make Espresso:

How to make Espresso

Now that you have gathered all the necessary tools, let’s get started! The first step is to gather all the necessary tools and materials and make sure your kitchen counter is clean. Arrange everything in front of you to ensure that you won’t forget anything.

Cleaning your espresso machine:

Cleaning espresso machine

If you have a machine with a milk heater, then you will need to clean it before you start to make the cup of espresso. This is because milk mixed with coffee is the most tasteful and the most expensive, so you want to keep it clean. If you don’t have a milk heater on your machine, then it doesn’t matter if the water in your machine gets dirty because it will be hand-washed after every shot or if any coffee beans are left in there.

Prepare the coffee:

Now, you will grind the coffee beans and the amount of coffee you need depends on what kind of cup you want in the end. The common espresso proportions are 1:1 (1 spoonful of coffee per shot) or 1:2. These proportions vary depending on the cup size. There is also a special option for Americano drinkers, which is a 0.5 spoonful for every shot (because Americans like their ‘Americanos’ stronger than Europeans).

Prepare the cup:

Prepare the espresso cup

Make sure you have everything you need (espresso machine, grinder, tamper, cup and water) ready in front of you (and preferably an additional container to pour the hot water into). You will need your mouth to guide you in determining how much espresso seed powder or coffee grounds to use in the grinding process. Place the cup or demitasse on a flat surface, fully submerging its surface.

You should be able to read it easily at a distance of five feet. The surface should be clean and dry to start with. Now, take your thumb and press down on it firmly. The pressure should feel like a light tap with no resistance whatsoever. If you feel the resistance in your thumb, you need to repeat the pressing process with more force. Continue doing this until your thumb is completely flat and completely smooth.

Now you can pour one spoon of freshly ground coffee into your cup (or demitasse) and grind it with the tamper on top of it, squeezing out all the coffee grinds. Alternatively, you can use a paper filter. Then pour a small amount of warm water (about one tablespoon) into the cup, then use slow circular strokes to mix the water with the freshly ground espresso powder and coffee grounds. Mix it well until there are no big lumps or clumps left in it.

Brewing the espresso:

Brewing the espresso

I know that many people love this part too, but I will keep it brief and simple for you. Once your cup is filled with water and coffee grinds, now you can start making the perfect espresso shot. The first thing to do is fill the machine with water. It should be cold (not hot). The amount of water will depend on the type of machine you are using, so read the manual before starting to make your shot.

Now, take your ground espresso powder or coffee beans out of your grinder and place it in a separate container so that what you have in your cup will stay clean.

Put the coffee container under the machine and press the button. Fill your cup with hot water or steam, depending on the machine you have. For example, if you have a machine with a steam system and when you want hot water then press the button for steam and then pour it into your cup.

Now that you have filled your cup with hot water (or coffee), it’s time to grind some more coffee! If you don’t want to waste all of this water, then catch it in another container so that you can use for other things later on. Once again, grind about 1 spoonful of coffee grinds or espresso beans (depending on your taste) and put them in your cup. Stir it a bit and now your espresso is ready to drink.

But there is one more thing left: you will need to save the coffee grounds so that you can make other espressos with them later on. To do this, fill the container with hot water and leave it to steep for a few minutes. Afterward, simply pour the coffee grounds into another container and use the same process I just demonstrated for making an espresso shot.

You may be interested in “The Complete Guide to Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee and What You Should Know” or “How To Make Iced Americano: An Easy 5-Minute Coffee Recipe“.

FAQs on How to drink espresso like a professional (Tips and Tricks):

How to drink Italian espresso?

Add a little milk and sugar then stir it. It is not necessary for you to place milk on the espresso.

What happens when you drink espresso?

You will have a happy brain and energetic body, and you’ll also be more focused on your work.

What is the best time of day to drink coffee?

Whenever you want to wake up, but not before 9 or 10 in the morning. That is because coffee reduces your sleepiness, so if you drink it later on in the day, then you will have less energy than you normally would.

Can espresso make your brain sharper?

Of course! This drink is one of the best ways for improving your memory and intelligence. It also provides a feeling of energy and happiness, which helps with concentration and focus.

Is espresso stronger than coffee?

Yes, but not by much. The caffeine in espresso is about 50% stronger than the caffeine in coffee.

What type of espresso is the strongest?

The strongest type of espresso that you find at home will be a double shot like a ristretto or an Americano.

Do you drink espresso with milk?

Yes, it is the most common way to drink espresso with milk.

How long should it take to drink espresso?

Two to four minutes for a double shot (the recommended amount).

Can you make espresso at home?

Yes, this is a very easy process.

How much caffeine does espresso contain?

Espresso contains about 30 mg of caffeine per one ounce serving.


We are happy that you enjoyed our tutorial about ordering and consuming espressos. While ordering a shot in a trendy coffee shop might seem daunting, it’s important that you practice getting it right. I like to sing and drink songs too. Those who enjoy espresso in a tin can get it! It’s important to understand basic skills as well as some tips that we hope we can give you today!


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