Cortado Vs Latte: Difference Between Milk And Espresso

Cortado Vs Latte: Difference Between Milk And Espresso

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Cortado vs Latte? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, many people head over to their favorite coffee shop with a specific goal in mind: getting a cortado (espresso with steamed milk).

But what exactly is a cortado? And why should you care that there are different names for it? No matter your quest for knowledge or just your average caffeine dose, the good news is we have answers for you. Read on for everything about the difference between milk and espresso!

Cortado Vs Latte

This article gives some basic information about cortado and latte types and what they are. Espresso and milk have the same basic ingredient, but the cooking techniques and the cooking methods vary. Below are the details of both the coffee drink and the difference and let us decide the most suitable drink for you!

Background on the Cortado

This Cortado is a small, flavored coffee made in Spain and contains half coffee and half milk. This milk is steamed and not too foamy. Order Cortado & serve it in the glass jar. It is silky and stronger than the Cappuccino yet not too acidic like the Espresso. Cortado gained popularity by becoming an integral part of popular café menus of many chains and all made their own variations. Cortados may have 1:1 coffee to milk ratios, or if you want two Ristretto drinks filled with milk mousse. The barista often asks customers to list orders just so that they can get the correct cortado.

Cortado coffee

Tell me the pronunciation of Cortado?

Cortado has Spanish meaning but has trouble expressing it. Tell me the best way that a Barista can explain something correctly. It is cor-ta-doh in the plural.

How to make a cortado?

How to make a cortado

Tell me the most interesting thing about cortados? In order to make espresso you must ground coffee. You could make espresso using any kind of coffee though milk usually goes better with beans cooked specifically for espresso. These coffees are usually dark and better cooked than others and have smokey tastes. When you grind it is very fine, and not sand-like. A cortado glass is recommended along with a steel pitcher. Eventually, there must be milk. Approximately an ounce would suffice, but types can differ based on the quantity consumed.

Tell me the taste of cortado?

How can we get this question answered? You should look at your drink again to see if it’s worth waiting too long. Often called “cutting”. Because it cuts directly into this acidity. It is also slightly sweeter and more creamy compared to the typical latte. Apparently, milk doesn’t form foam. You still get more sweetness and creamier bodies.

A cortado coffee is a coffee with a little bit of milk added to it. The milk makes the coffee a little sweeter and creamier. I really enjoy the taste of cortado coffee, especially when it’s made with high-quality beans. If you’ve never tried a cortado before, I highly recommend giving it a try! You may be surprised at how much you like it.

Cortados at Starbucks

Cortados at Starbucks

Starbucks drinks would probably include Cortados on the menu but not at all. It’s not a Starbucks espresso beverage so make certain you describe how to make it for if the customer knows nothing of it. Ask the seller for the double espresso and two cups of steamed milk for your purchase. Since this is no official Starbucks drink it can be labeled as espresso, macariato, or other beverage.

Latte. Background

whats is Latte

Latte is the main milk espresso drink that originated from Italy shortly after the espressos. Traditional. This is served with 3/3 steaming whole milk and 1/3 espresso. This has been served in several cups and topped with latte art. The names originate from Italian cafe Latte, which meant coffee with milk. Several coffee chain variations have appeared throughout time and latte varieties were created. You can imagine how well pumpkin spice latte has gained popularity. It is possible that the Latte is made from milk with 6 to 20 ounces or other ingredients such as chocolate and flavoring syrup and other ingredients.

How to make a latte?

How to make a latte

We have already discussed how to make Cortados so we’ll make Lattes. They are much more popular than those of Spain. If you’re not learning to drink coffee, you can always make a latte. It’s possible to create a cup of coffee without a machine for making espresso (try AeroPress). As with a cortado, you should ensure the espresso ground is fine.

Cortado vs Latte: Highlighting the Differences

The most significant difference in Lattes or Cortados comes from the amount of the drink compared with espresso. Cortados are created in equal parts steamed milk and espresso and are typically free of foam or some microfoams. Lattes are usually topped with some more steamed milk and are usually coated in granules. Cortados have espresso flavor. Lattes are milk-heavy and can have caramel and peppermint syrup as toppings. We have the most popular Lattes in our collection. Our team reviewed many models for the list.


These two drinks have espresso and their milk content is varying. Cortado uses a 1:1 ratio between 1 and 2 espresso shots as well steamed milk as a starter. This guide will show you how to make your own Cortado from scratch. Latte, meanwhile, is milkier, with 1/3 liqueur espresso and different quantities of steamed milk froth.


Cortado appears as being an interesting giveaway and the darker brown color reflects higher coffee contents. The drink is poured from a glass tumbler which has an amazing caramel color and a thick foamy layer underneath. Lattes are served in mugs with thin foam layers which have lighter shades of brown.


The quantity of lattes varies based on what order you receive the lattes are between 8 ounces and 12oz sizes. This is big because it contains more milk. Cortados are longer and come in one-piece sizes, typically 4.5oz bottles. Since their ratio was 1:1, the size cannot be increased.

Cortado vs Latte coffee

Cortado vs Latte: Similarities

If you’ve ever wondered what the differences are between cortado and latte because both have many similarities on the surface then you’re in luck! Both drinks contain nearly the same ingredients: coffee and milk.

Cortados and lattes both have a similar espresso flavor. The main difference between coffee and milk is the ability for coffee to be flavored or sweetened differently.

What is the difference in flavor?

Cortados have a mixture of steamed milk and lattes have a mix between steaming milk and foaming. The drink has a different taste due to its consistency. Steamed milk adds soft flavor, and moussed milk adds texture to the robust espresso. Espresso is a key ingredient in this product’s taste. Cortado uses espresso for better coffee flavor but lacks milk flavor in its taste. A latte also uses an espresso infused with milk and has a textured texture which creates an enjoyable coffee. In my opinion, the cortado tastes quite dense and it’s possible to taste some espresso flavor.

How many calories are in a cortado and latte?

calories are in a latte

Both drinks are low in calories. If you want to know the number of calories in a cortado and latte, it’s hard to pinpoint an exact number. This is because the numbers will vary depending on the type of foam or syrup that is added to the drink. The drink can include a wide range of additions, each varying in size, which will change the number of calories significantly. Both drinks also have sugar and or syrups added as well as flavoring.

However, we can estimate for you these numbers! One serving size for a cortado contains about 80 calories while a latte has around 120-150 calories per serving size.

Final thoughts: Cortado vs Latte

The differences between Cortado vs Latte aren’t very different, but they provide different flavor profiles. Cortados coffees have a stronger flavor and are recognizable in size. Latte is the first to be introduced to coffee with milk beverages but offers milder coffee flavors and tastes. Because the milk contains more volume, the taste of it is better. There will be cups weighing 1.2 oz available.

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FAQs on Cortado vs Latte: Difference between milk and espresso

Is a cortado the same as a flat white?

A cortado is similar to a flat white, but not exactly the same. A cortado has a little more milk than a flat white, and the milk is added to the coffee in a different way. A cortado is also usually served in a smaller cup than a flat white.

Is cortado stronger than a latte?

A cortado is actually weaker than a latte. In fact, each espresso shot makes a cortado that’s 11% weaker than its latte counterpart (1/3 of a centiliter).

Is cortado stronger than espresso?

A cortado is also weaker than espresso. However, each cortado shot makes a much stronger beverage than a standard shot of espresso.


Tell me what is the best thing about you? What are Cortados and Lattes? You choose. Both drinks are delicious, so there’s no need to choose. It all depends on their individual strengths. The only person you can decide is yours. Please find it useful to learn more about it here. If you would like to know more about coffee, please visit the coffee shop. What is your favorite coffee drink? Leave a comment below.


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